Who are we?

We’re dedicated to common sense service. All of our work is based on this simple concept.

When you engage M. J. Weed Consulting, Inc. you’re gaining over 20 years of experience in complex problem solving for companies and organizations throughout the country. Our consultants are nationally recognized experts in a variety of disciplines ranging from social media to mediation to training for top notch presentations. We have the skills to build your skills.

How do we do this?

We interface fully with your group’s leadership, employees, volunteers, and members.  We work with you to identify the key topics and personnel necessary to resolve the issues you face. While some consulting groups merely send surveys in hopes of getting responses from your participants, we fully and personally immerse in a process of interviews and listening sessions before we ever see your group as a whole. This process enables us to bring to light the real issues your group faces so we can then work with you and your members or employees until these issues are solved. Every mediation, facilitation, training, and presentation concludes with a report designed with leadership in mind.  No project is complete without this record of the event so that you never have to waste a minute reinventing.  We also provide three and six month follow up calls just to check in with you. All of this work is conducted for a single, upfront price.

We can be anywhere you are whenever you need us.


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